As featured in Somerset Life Magazine

Luxury Fragrance Diffuser

Made in our garden workshop in Somerset 

United Kingdom CLP compliant 

Cruelty free   

Paraben free fragrance oil


Our beautiful fragrance portfolio is now available in our Luxury Diffuser range. These are suitable for most rooms and gently fill your home with a constant aroma.

They are served in a 100ml clear glass container with a silver cap and have 8 reeds so you can decide how intense you want your diffuser to be depending on the room size. I always use all of the reeds as I just love the strength but just use fewer to your own personal taste if preferred.

We find these are fantastic in sitting rooms, cloakrooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and depending on size kitchens are also good too.

All of our diffusers come with minimal packaging and are packed in a single walled cardboard display box with an open display window with no plastic acetate as found with some other diffusers.

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